I was extremely saddened to learn that someone who made such a huge impact in my art life and countless others, passed away this Saturday evening due to a completely senseless act. I was fortunate to have taken Norm Schureman's Viscom class at Art Center, which helped me become the artist I am today. It was a great privilege to have known him and learn from one of the best.

I started art late. I'm guessing late for most people with aspirations to become an artist. Especially from what I saw when I was trying to get into Art Center. I was a terrible sketcher, and even having a sketchbook intimidated me. I was always embarrassed to show my sketchbook to others and was surrounded by other artists who knew they wanted to become artists since they were kids. Most had sketchbooks in which every page could be framed and shown in a gallery. Norm's Viscom 6 class was dedicated to the sketch and sketchbook with a simple black ink technical pen. I absolutely needed this stuff.

With line, he showed us how to focus on what was important, and indicate what was not. It was great going to museums to sketch dinosaur bones, trips to botanical gardens to study foliage and environments, and even break down and combine various animal species that we would sketch. He made the class fun but still intimidating, which actually helped me be less intimated on some level. I mean, you really need to get your nerves in check when he asks two students at a time to draw on the chalk board in front of the whole class. It wasn't always easy, but with his patience and teaching style, I was able to get the confidence and the tools needed from him to help me try and succeed.

His kindness, expertise, and fun loving attitude for his craft will be something past students were fortunate to experience, but something that future students will dearly miss. You will be missed Norm.

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