I'll be part of a group show at Black Maria Gallery called "Black Market At Black Maria: Skip The Mall" this Saturday, November 22. I visited the gallery for the first time at drop off and I really liked the place. The people I met were really nice and I was surprised how close the gallery was from my house.

I was thinking about my boys when coming up with a concept for one of the paintings, which also brought out some issues when I grew up which was the theme for the other one. There are just some fears I have as I hope to be the best father I can be. I'm sure this is not the last time these themes occur.

I'm also trying to incorporate a bit more line work using ink into the paintings. I feel there's a disconnect between my drawings and paintings, as if a completely different artist created them. So I'm trying to create a bit more cohesion. It's a process and we'll see how it goes. Here are the pieces for the show:



"A Space In There"