Oceanic Awareness Collaboration Art For Awareness Auction

I will be having 2 paintings available at this event up for auction. Auction will be held Saturday evening, February 26 at Andi Campognone Projects in Pomona, CA. The auction is designed to raise awareness and motivate change about the pollution gathering in our oceans, and it also benefits children in financial need. Both paintings are 12" X 12" acrylic on wood panel. You can find more information on their website here: Link

Check out the amazing line up of artists contributing to the show.

"It's Bull"

"Not Rite"



My first show of 2011 will be tomorrow, February 11 at MyPlasticHeart in New York City. The show is based on how artists will interpret the Chinese Zodiac. What's exciting for me is that this is my first opportunity to show a piece of art in NY, so a big thank you to John Wong from me for the invite.

I decided to choose the sheep for my piece. It's a fun departure from my aquatic theme, but I still managed to get it in there somehow. I do plan on branching out to other types of animals, so this is a great springboard for that. My piece is called "Portrait Of A Happy Thought". The line-up is awesome. You can see all the work with this preview link for those interested: Link Here is my piece:



I am very excited to post that my artist bud Ruel Pascual is having his first solo show at Van Eaton Galleries Saturday, February 19. Opening reception is from 6:30-9:30. Ruel has been putting in the work for this show and it's going to be amazing. This is not one to miss, so please check it out if you can. Here is the postcard info: