I will be part of the annual group show Vivisect Playset curated by Luke Chueh and Gallery1988. The show opens tonight, 12/5, at Gallery1988's San Fransisco space. The theme for the show is depicting animals in a human situation or conveying human emotions.

The piece I did is the largest piece I've done so far at 32 X 24. I've worried about the results I would have working bigger but I have to say I'm pretty inspired to create more pieces this large or larger in the future. It was a challenge but I found it very enjoyable.

My piece is titled "Fleet" and is the first work that is truly dedicated to my wife and baby boys since they where born. It's based off a drawing called "Fleet Study" I had previously done. I wanted to show a determination and pushing forward in life as we raise our family. My wife Joy is the strength and backbone of the family and I wanted to portray that as our boys are just starting the ride of life and playing along.