Just sharing a couple of pieces I recently finished. One of which was the largest piece I have ever done at 48 X 32, and the first in which I wrapped the painting around the sides. This first piece was for some friends in the bay area. The piece is similar to the Beastie Boys painting I did last year, but the inspiration and story is very different. Along with the painting is a small glimpse of the studio:

It was a fun challenge at that size, and I'm going to have to try something even larger next time. Next up is a painting I did for fellow artist bud James, who was the print master for my recently released prints. James did a fantastic job and was an awesome guy to work with. Thanks man! So as you all know, I like to mix and match things, and this twist was a fun one to do:

Time to get busy for a 2 person show in September. More info to follow.



It has been a while since my last post. I've been so busy with my growing boys and have been trying to get some paintings done in between. I just put up three prints on my Big Cartel page. They are of "Fleet", "Bound", and "Port" which are signed and limited to 25 for each image. Many of my paintings are special to me, but these particular images are a bit more, and I'm happy to offer them to those interested. I will be sharing a bit more coming up!