Just sharing a couple of pieces I recently finished. One of which was the largest piece I have ever done at 48 X 32, and the first in which I wrapped the painting around the sides. This first piece was for some friends in the bay area. The piece is similar to the Beastie Boys painting I did last year, but the inspiration and story is very different. Along with the painting is a small glimpse of the studio:

It was a fun challenge at that size, and I'm going to have to try something even larger next time. Next up is a painting I did for fellow artist bud James, who was the print master for my recently released prints. James did a fantastic job and was an awesome guy to work with. Thanks man! So as you all know, I like to mix and match things, and this twist was a fun one to do:

Time to get busy for a 2 person show in September. More info to follow.

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Jazz said...

That painting is ASTONISHING :)