I'm so grateful for the tremendous response that was given for my first Eddie Vedder poster for Sydney. It is truly an honor to work with Eddie and his team again on the posters for Eddie's tour stop in San Diego which happened earlier this evening.

I was thrilled to have San Diego assigned to me. Long ago I was a resident of SD for three years during my first games job, but I remembered going to visit Shamu at Sea World a few times as a kid so it felt natural to include the Orca in the image. The first sketch I sent Eddie and his team was Shamu jumping unconfined and free off the waters of San Diego. Eddie gave it a go, but then he also wanted another poster to contrast the first and to make a statement. Something darker that commented on how Shamu is not in his natural setting at Sea World, kind of sad and dejected. So the second poster shows the whale being still in its stage area and I added an Orca shaped cloud jumping like the first poster, as if Shamu is dreaming of being free. It was a wonderful idea to have two posters that can comment on that and I enjoyed the ease of collaborating with Eddie on these thoughts. Big thanks to Eddie and to Chris for this amazing opportunity, and to Frank and Roberta for all their help!

Posters will go on sale this coming Friday, noon PST on my Big Cartel page. Here are the images, and I hope you enjoy!