This month has been a little slow on the art side of things. I've been busy trying to get our backyard ready for the boys one year birthday party. I can't believe that these past 9 plus months have gone by quick and that they are growing so fast. So I thought I'd give myself a little head start in preparation for their big day.

So my very first Father's Day came and went a couple of weekends ago. Spent the day in San Diego at a wedding of great friends of ours, Marian and Derrick. Congrats guys! Here is a pic of the boys at the reception, quite a bit bigger now, with some spit up.

As we were leaving the reception, we saw a sight which I'd never thought I'd see. I guess I was showing my art along with some of the painting masters!

The Tamayo is most likely for Rufino Tamayo. When I was very young, we would go down to San Diego often and there were people selling Rufino Tamayo prints in frames by the beach we used to go to. My dad used to tell me it was his paintings and that one day I might get his talent for art, and I actually believed him. Well, I did get some kind of talent for art, but definitely not from him.

So I've been meaning to post some more links to some good friends of mine. First up is my bud Edwin Ushiro. I first met Ed in my final term at Art Center and had the opportunity to befriend him again when he went to work at the same game company I used to work at. After he left, he went on to pursue freelance work, and has made an impact in the gallery world with his amazing art. Here is an amazing piece of his that I was able to snap at a recent show:

Next up is my good friend Ruel Pascual. I was able to befriend him through a mutual friend a few years back. Hi Samir! At the time he was and still is working in the Animation biz, but he recently has been featured in a handful of group shows at Gallery1988. I see pretty amazing things for him. His talent for painting continues to grow every time a see a new piece. And I'm so happy for him that his paintings get bought up pretty quick. Here is a piece from a recent show at Gallery1988 called "Mr. T Party". I wish I could have bought this one. It's just awesome:

So the links are up so check these guys out!

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