I will be participating for the first time in the "Sea No Evil" show which benefits the efforts of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and to help raise awareness of conserving our precious oceans and the life contained in it. The auction is this Saturday night, June 25 which is being held at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium. Doors open at 6pm.

I am extremely excited to contribute to this show. Those of you who are familiar to my work know that many of my images depict sea creatures telling stories close to my heart. My affection toward the beauty of sea life came early in my life and is something I hope to continue with my children. The horrendous acts aimed toward these peaceful creatures jeopardizes the opportunity for future generations to enjoy them the their ability to thrive.

My piece is called "Bearing" which was created specifically for this show. I chose the word bearing for a few reasons. The image shows Captain Paul Watson's fleet being represented by flying whales "bearing down" on the so called research vessel of the Japanese fleet. Watching Whale Wars, it's all about putting pressure and searching, so finding ones bearings in the vast ocean is another play on the title. Also, the men and women on these ships voluntarily bear a great responsibility as champions for these creatures.


Flier for show

I had the opportunity earlier this year to have my children go on a whale watching trip during vacation. We were able to observe many Humpback Whales and they enjoyed this experience thoroughly. Through efforts of the Sea Shepherds and benefit shows like this, hopefully we will have many opportunities like this and for many generations to come. Here is a pic of my boys holding on to the rail and checking out these magnificent creatures:


arq said...

Beautiful, evocative and peaceful! Great job again Roland!

Roland Tamayo's Blog said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for the kind words!