I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend and had a nice Valentines Day!

So I've been dealing with an ankle and knee condition for a few weeks, which is slowly getting better for now. It could flair up again, but we'll see. The problem has pretty much disabled me and has kept me couped up in the house and in bed away from the easel and paints. Lots to do because of my physical problems, so time to get back to painting.

During this time, I received a new camera, a Lumix LX3. The camera has a ton of capabilities for a point and shoot that I'm still learning about. I was able to take a few shots here and there while dealing with my illness so I thought I'd share a couple. Valentines Day was the first day I had been able to get out of the house for enjoyment in quite some time, so I took a picture of one of our favorite desserts from our evening. We also took a family day stroll at one of our local outdoor malls yesterday, which was nice. I've got some pics from that as well. Hopefully, more art posts will follow shortly.

Bradley in black and white

Sleepy Tyler

Flourless Chocolate Cake is so good

Tyler and daddy enjoying the fresh air

Mama and the bus

Rainy in SoCal today so Mister is enjoying the dry indoors


Brian said...

Wowow! Amazing how the boys changed in such a short time! Congrats!

ruel pascual said...

Awesome pictures Roland! Lumix camera cool... they basically have the same lens as Leica's right?

Your boys are getting so big. It probably feels great to be out and about with the family.

John Wu said...

Those are really nice shots. Your Boy's so cute. We still need to visit you.

John Wu said...

I meant boys, not boy. I hope they don't get offended.

Roland Tamayo's Blog said...

Thanks for the kind words guys. Yeah, the boys sure are changing. Seems like everyday they do something new or just look a bit bigger. No worries John, I'm sure they won't be. :)