I find it appropriate that with my first post on my art blog, I introduce two little guys that will be a source of inspiration on not just my art, but more importantly, my life and everything that revolves around it. On 9/11, 2008 at 9:18 PM, our little twin towers of all things good came into this world. An infamous date we know for our country, but a date that is so wonderful beyond words for our family. We are so happy and blessed that they are here with us!

Without further ado, here is Bradley Tamayo, birth weight at 4 lbs., 15.7 oz., and Tyler Tamayo, birth weight at 5 lbs., 7 oz.:

Tyler left and Bradley right

First family picture

A huge thank you to God, and our family and friends for your love and support! And thank you for reading this and for your interest. I'll be updating the blog periodically with my life's art but first, we are going to try and get some sleep when we can! :)

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Brian Yam said...

Hey Roland. Beautiful stuff buddy! I'm glad you made this move towards your ultimate goal of being a a sucessful gallery artist. Even more exciting is raising two beautiful boys. Can I use "beautiful" for boys? Anyways, God bless you two. Both of your boys will have to meet our little girl someday. Helen said Bradley should hook up with Aly since they have "common" traits. :P I think Tyler will probably be jealous though.